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O’Reilly Webcast. Energy Literacy. September 23 02009

Today I’m doing a webcast for O’Reilly media on Energy and Energy Literacy.  I’m making the slides available here:

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I’m continually reminded of how difficult it is for people just go get past the difference between energy and power order valium online buy valium online usa valium without prescription .  To get a full picture of rate of energy use (power) we need to talk about both and their units, but it certainly makes it a cumbersome conversation to join afresh there buy ambien online canada how to buy ambien online .

Lecture at Compostmodern. Feb 21, 2009

I spoke to a great group of designers at Compostmodern there visit us buy priligy malaysia 09 – San Francisco’s beautiful Herbst theatre, February 21st, 2009 buy ativan online canada buy ativan mexico cheap ativan .

The main thrust of the talk is the need for designers to think very carefully about what they make and design, and its use valium online uk buy valium online usa generic valium information .  It was very much about heirloom design – the concept I use to describe making things that will last a very long time cheap ambien overnight delivery buy ambien online canada buying ambien .  For things that don’t require energy to run (electronics, kettles, stoves etc) the best way to make them “efficient” is to make them last a very long time such that the energy (and hence carbon) used to make them is amortized over a very [...]

“Climate Change Recalculated” – Public Lecture at the Long Now Foundation

This was a seminar given at the Long Now ativan cheap buy ativan mexico generic ativan information Foundation in San Francisco. Video was edited and produced by Long Now and is distributed through

It covers my personal energy use, how that relates to global energy use demographics, in turn how that relates to how much carbon we produce collectively, and then the way one might think about hitting a target of 450 (and a framework that would help you think about hitting 350, 400, 450, 500, or whatever target you like…)

Many thanks to Stewart Brand for the invitation to speak and for hosting such a wonderful speaker series and to Zander Rose who makes everything happen over at the Long Now.

Here you can get all the original slides and download the pdf buy valium in uk buy valium online usa buy valium online canada .

Or watch them on-line [...]

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