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It contains the good the bad and the ugly of climate and energy books. Over time it will become more comprehensive and you’ll see loads of reviews coming up on the blog as I do an editorial on each of the books. For now just broswe the shelves:

And if you are a mac user, definitely try using delicious library as a management tool for your books. It’s fantastic.

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Book Review – Sustainable Energy, Choosing Among Options,

Sustainable Energy, Choosing Among Options

Sustainable Energy, Choosing Among Options

This is an excellent introductory text book on sustainable energy that covers all the bases extremely well begining with a well documented resource estimation of all the various energy options. I highly recommend this as a reference text for anyone working in any aspect of the energy industry – demand, supply, efficiency, or otherwise. Tester and the other highly qualified authors provide an overview and worked examples in every domain of energy supply and energy resources.

“Sustainable Energy, Choosing Among Options”

The Blurb from the book:

Human survival depends on a continuing energy supply, but the need for ever-increasing amounts of energy poses a dilemma: How can we provide the benefits of energy to the population of the globe without damaging the environment, negatively affecting social stability, or threatening the well-being of future generations? The solution will lie in finding sustainable energy […]

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