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Choosing fun and beauty over high energy. Motivating positive behavioural change.

I like the general concept of motivating behavioural changes for the low energy option by using fun, beauty, or good design.  The larger message here is that personal changes for climate change really need to be better, either more beautiful, more fun, or more healthy, than the other choices.

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2 comments to Choosing fun and beauty over high energy. Motivating positive behavioural change.

  • In my opinion, the solution to clean energy is intertwined with a solution on how to positively encourage people to think with ecology (that is, to consider the consequences of their actions on themselves, other people and the environment).

    For example- using an energy source that pollutes would never be actioned by an ecological thinker.

    I love the example above for motivating behavioural change. I note with it that the escalator option was not taken away from the pedestrians, creating a forced change..the musical staircase was ‘added’ as a more fun and enticing option :) . Yaaa hooooo, i can hear Louis Armstrong singing in my head with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra playing in the background…..have a great day everybody xxoo

  • in my last post, there is a typo, it should clearly read ‘unecological thinker’ lol

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