About Energyliteracy.com

You hear about climate change.
You hear about energy independence.
You might have thought about your carbon footprint. Even used an on-line tool like www.wattzon.com to measure it.
You hear about people’s “Energy Plans.”
But how do you fit in?
How does the rest of the world fit in?
You should have questions like: “how do we solve the climate problem and the energy challenge at the same time?”
“Are the proposed solutions I’m hearing about good enough and ambitious enough to avoid the worst aspects of climate change?”
In order to think about these questions for yourself it’s useful to have a framework for thinking about climate, carbon, energy, and their complex and fascinating relationships.
We have found that the framework we built here to understand the problem for ourselves is useful to people because it allows us to see ourselves, the individuals, in the larger global perspective.
Hopefully this will give you a logical approach to make the right personal choices, and to lobby for the right energy and climate plans from your government and the corporations you patronize.

This website is to accompany a new book “Power to Choose” by two of the bloggers here, Saul Griffith, and Jim McBride, of www.otherlab.com


Saul Griffith

Joel Rosenberg

Jim McBride

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